Welcome to Wyndham Women's Magazine!

Welcome to Wyndham Women's Magazine

Hello and welcome to a brand-new initiative being launched in our local community –

The WYNDHAM WOMEN’S MAGAZINE. This is a magazine written for, about and by women in the City of Wyndham. It’s about sharing our stories, our hopes and our dreams.

We are fortunate to live in such a vibrant, lively and multicultural community. Women from many backgrounds, from a variety of cultural, language and ethnic backgrounds have made their homes in Wyndham. This magazine is designed to give voice to these women, to allow their voices to be heard. RSVP for our first event to get involved!

Wyndham Women’s Magazine is about connecting women and creating community.

Every woman has a story to tell and every story is worth hearing and sharing.

This is a magazine for all women who might live, work, visit, or otherwise enjoy the wonderful community that is Wyndham.

If you would like to share your story, or contribute in other ways, please contact us at Wyndham Women’s Magazine: Wyndham is one of the most diverse communities in Melbourne.

Our magazine led by Florence Shinanduku to help encourage women of all backgrounds to be empowered and successful in whatever they choose to do with the support of other Wyndham women.

Wyndham Women's Magazine is...

  • an online interactive platform where women can engage and share stories, knowledge, inspirations and what they love about Wyndham and its diversity.

  • a place where women from all cultures can support one another on their various journeys and have relationships with each other flourish. We do this through our connections that ultimately weave an intricate fabric that is empowering and utilises potential.

  • our way of expressing ourselves and sharing our stories through video and photographs online. It’s a place to show confidence, connection, love and support!

  • encouraged to provide content from all the events and social interactions that they have in the Wyndham Community.

What is next?

We are getting started! So we are looking forward to meet with you and share important content that reflect our lives as good and loving women of Wyndham. Please keep check blogs on our site wyndhamwomensmagazine.com.au and/or contact us here and in our social media like our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/WyndhamWomen. Thank you!

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